A Calculus of Culture | Circumventing the Black Box of Culture Analytics

Guangxi University,China,March 21-23, 2017

Conference Description

Culture analytics is an emerging trans-disciplinary field that combines domain expertise from the humanities with computational and data intensive methods in the study of big cultural data. Culture analytics focuses on both the analysis of specific people and events, as well as the characterization of the temporal dynamics of the entire human civilization (progress, recession and collapse). Therefore, the scope of culture analytics is broader than digital humanities and overlaps (but is not equal to) computational social science. As a nascent field, culture analytics have not developed formal descriptions of the fundamental properties of culture (i.e., a calculus of culture). Instead it relies on black box methods from machine learning, which are 'blind' to the mechanisms and principles that underlie cultural dynamics. The aim of the first workshop is to identify one or a few topics that can best help researchers to lay the foundations for the calculus of culture analytics, form a coalition of reseachers around the core members of INP, and finally make substantial progress towards creation of the calculus of culture analytics. The first workshop will discuss (but not limited to):
(1) analysis of newspaper collections and social media
(2) temporal dynamics of human cognition
(3) characterization of the complexity of economic systems
(4) multiscale characterization of emotion (and plot development) in novels
(5) fractal analysis of painting (including the Buddhist cave mural) for style discovery
(6) analysis of population tracking survey database
(7) analysis of historical character database

The first workshop, opening to the international community, is purely an academic meeting, with no registration fee required. Participants, who are assumed to take care of travel and lodging themselves, from both China and abroad, are most welcome.


First expert workshop,Guangxi University,China,March 21-23, 2017

      Conference Co-chairs: Kristoffer Nielbo (Aarhus University, Denmark), Jianbo Gao (Guangxi University)

Second expert workshop,Aarhus University,Denmark,October/November, 2017

Third expert workshop,UCLA,December,2017


08:00-08:30 Registration
08:30-09:00 Opening Ceremony (Univ official to be arranged)
09:00-12:00 Session and Discussion Chair:Prof. Nielbo
09:00-09:35 Roepstorff, Andreas (Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University, Denmark)
On the role of culture in socio-cognitive practices
09:35-10:20 Golub, Koraljka (School of Cultural Sciences, Linnaeus University, Sweden)
Part 1: Overview of Centre for Data Intensive Sciences in Applications at Linnaeus University
Part 2: A framework for evaluating automatic indexing or classification in the context of retrieval
News Release from Linnaeus University
10:20 -10:40 Tea break
10:40-11:15 Bechmann, Anja & Kim, Jiyoung (Datalab, Aarhus University, Denmark)
Culture as shaper of social media: Comparing Facebook group memberships in Denmark and South Korea
11:15-11:50 Nielbo, Kristoffer (Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University, Denmark)
Cultural Turning Points and Disruptions in Systems of Symbolic Production
12:00-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-17:30 Session and Discussion Chair:Prof. Roepstorff
13:30-14:05 Abello, James (Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, Rutgers University, US)
14:05-14:40 Weavers, Melvin (Department of Art and Art History, Utrecht University, Netherlands)
Strong and weak signals of cultural expression in digitized newspapers
14:40-15:15 Yan, Jiyi (University of Science and Technology of China)
Poetry and System
15:15-15:35 Tea break
15:35-16:10 Wang, Binghong (University of Science and Technology of China)
Recent Research Progress On Controllability Transition In Complex Networks Modularity-like objective function in annotated networks
Cascading Walks Model for Human Mobility Patterns
Evacuation of Pedestrians with Two Motion Modes for Panic System
Bidirectional selection between two classes in complex social networks
Renormalization and small-world model of fractal quantum repeater networks
Effect of correlations on controllability transition in network control
16:10-16:45 Yang, Xiaoguang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
How Big Data May Help the Understanding of Risks in China's Financial Markets
16:45-17:20 Liu, Jianguo (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)
Collective behavior analysis for online social networks
17:30-19:30 Conference Dinner
08:30-12:00 Session and Discussion, Chair:Prof. Abello
08:30-08:50 Wang, Tao (Nanjing University)
Prosopography and Typological Analysis: mining Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie
08:50-09:25 Yin, Jianxin (Renmin Uniersity of China)
Covariate-adaptive Randomization with Variable Selection in High Dimensional Data
09:25-10:00 Xu, Xiaoke (Dalian Minzu University)
Uncovering structure correlations of the three-layer global language network based on null models
10:00-10:15 Tea break
10:15-10:50 Zhu, Tingshao (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Identifying Personality by Content Analysis
10:50-11:25 Cheng, Changxiu & Shen, Shi (Beijing Normal University)
Visualized analysis of natural disaster Research: The Trend and Research Focuses
11:25-12:00 Zhao, Shengnan (Beijing Sport Universtiy)
Big data and the history of modern Chinese sport
12:00-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-17:30 Session and Discussion Chair:Prof. Cheng
13:30-14:05 Pan, Wei (Shaanxi Normal University)
Digital history of the Yellow River
14:05-14:40 Chen,Xi (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Assessing social integration and information dessemination on micro-blog platforms
14:40-15:25 Gao, Jianbo (Guangxi University)
Part 1: Overview of the research activity at Institute of Complexity Science and Big Data Technology
Part 2: Scaling laws governing global political instability
15:25-15:45 Tea break
Lightning talks
15:45-16:05 Ma, Menglan (Guangxi University)
Comparison of Multinational International News Based on Mass Media Data
16:05-16:25 Zhou, Chennan (Guangxi University)
Bayesian Poisson Tensor Factorization for feature selection from GDELT
16:25-16:45 Liu, Feiyan (Guangxi University)
Visualizing the Evolution of Social Networks in the Tang Dynasty based on China Biographical Database_CBDB
16:45-17:05 Hou, Yunfei (Guangxi University)
Identifying the herding effect of Chinese stock market
17:05-17:25 Zheng, Huang (Guangxi University)
Diagnosis of Major Depression Based on Cognitive Brain Dynamics
17:25-18:00 Social and free discussion
18:00-20:00 Conference Dinner

Qingxiu Mountain